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الاثنين 2021/11/29

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  • أعلام المعهد
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  • أعلام المعهد

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Introduction to the institute :

Al Faith  Islamic  institute is an Islamic scientific, reformative, educational institution, which was established by Eminence the late scholar Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Farfour,( may Allah have mercy on him ),who passed to God’s mercy in 1375h / 1956 CE.
The start of institute.

The institute started its activity in the form of scientific circles which were set up by late scholar Sheik Saleh Farfour in the Umayyad Mosque and in some other mosques in Qaimarieh quarter of Damascuse.g. Fatih Mosque in Damascus in the 1940s. When its activity expanded and the students increased,Sheikh Saleh took responsibility of financial and educational activity to supervise the students.Out of this emerged the institute of charity of the Islamic Fatih.
Then the teaching process moved to a house bought by the charity of Islamic Fatihin Qaimarih area at Mamarr Bab Assalam,where the study turned from academic method into an institute whose classes were organized and from which graduated many imams, orators and teachers from Syria, Lebanon,Turkey , Ethiopia,Kurdistan, Jordan and other Muslim countries.

During the lifetime of the Sheik- (may Allah have mercy on him ), the institute started developing when its quarter moved to Bilal Al Habashi Mosque in Damascus where its managemen thas been given to Dr.Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al Bizm since the academic year 1984 – 1985 following recommendation from Sheikh Farfour(may Allah have mercy on him ).

A decision by Ministry of Awqaf was issued under No. 93/372 on 14  / 10 / 1986 corresponding to 9 / 1 / 1405 H to ordain appointing him director of the institute. After that the process of development and rising started under the supervision of the founder Sheikh Farfour (may Allah have mercy on him)and Sheikh Abdul Razzak al Halabi(Sheikh of the Umayyad Mosque and general supervisor of Islamic Fatih complex,( may Allah have mercy on him ), together with the children of Sheikh Farfour(may Allah have mercy on him ), and headed by Dr.Farfour Sheikh of the Islamic Institute complex –dean of the branch Sham Institute in Islamic Fatih complex.

The institute remained like this , sponsored and supervised by charity of Islamic Fatih until the official authorities decided to separate the religious institutesfrom charities in 2008 .The Minister of Awqafissued a decision No 1242 on 12 / 11 / 2008 to form a committee to supervise the education operation and raise donations to finance the institute of the Islamic Fatih.The committee consisted of the following names :
1 .Scholar Sheikh Abdul RazzakAl Halabi, chairman.
2 .Dr. Sheikh Hussam EddeenFarfour, deputy.
3 .Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al Bizim, member.
4 .Sheikh WaliiE ddeen Farfour, member.
5 .Mr.Muhammad Fahed ,cashier.
6 . Mr.NizarAbaza, member

Aims of the institute :

-  Rising of Arab and Islamic nation by spreading Islamic sciences and culture and Arabic language .
- Calling unto Allah with good knowledge and guidance through a moderate and modified system and keeping away from extremes .excessiveness and inflexibility .
- Graduating a good generation ,faithful to Islam , Arabism , Homeland and nation.
- Joining faith with learning work and morals as well as taking responsibility of the message of Islam with all its guidance mercy ,tolerance,brotherhood,truth, justice and virtues .The approach followed is calling unto Allah with wisdom and good preaching and joining fiqh of intellect and fiqh of heart with fiqh of life  ,age , shari'a and truth .
- Combining the norms of religion and science,Islam and Arabism pedigree with contemporary norms.
- Developing studies of Islamic science in a way that preserves invariables and starts of the variables that build not destroy, that innovate not deteriorate.
- Dealing with the crisis of religious awareness , educational voidness and intellectual weakness in generations.
- Spreading orthodox Arab and Islamic awareness, rightly guided education and straight-forward cultivation.

Establishing the females branch in the institute :

Sheikh Farfourmay Allah have mercy on him didn't confine his scientific and educational efforts to graduating male callers unto God, imams and orators , but was also interested in teaching females by female scholars and callers unto Allah  , so he set of fat this point and made good preparations for it , then established a branch to teach the females in 1383 H/ 1965 CE. The Sheikh  (may Allah have mercy on him )issued a statement under a heading { good tiding for opening institute of Fatih} saying:
Dear citizens,

The charity of Islamic Fatih in Damascus has made a blessed rise in opening a religious Institute for females , as it has seen that the Muslim women have become in urgent need to learn religious and Arabic sciences, for we are in need of a sincere wife and  guide and educator of her own children and family .
Establishing the specialization department in the institute
Establishing the specialization department dates back to 1391 H  1971 CE when the sheikh Farfour may Allah have mercy on him opened the department in the IslamicFatih institute ,whose aim was to support the graduate students in specialized subjects covering 3 branches :
-    Fiqh and Ussoul ( fundamentals )
-    Arabic Language and its sciences and letters .
-    Science of Quran and hadith .

The duration of study in this department was 3 academic years . The department remained like this until scientific and educational agreement was signed with Al Azhar Universityin 1414 h / 1994 CE. by both the institute director Dr.Sheikh Abdul Fattah al Bizim and Dr. Sheikh Hussam  Eddeenfarfour following the directions of his Eminence Sheikh Abdul Razzak al Halabi,that the charity  specialization department was to be developed and expanded in its specialization , on condition that the specialization studies department is to be headed by Dr.sheikhHussam Eddeen Farour .
This situation continued according to this system until an Act by the president of Syrian Arab Republic was issued to set up the High Sham Institute on 1 / 5 1432 h – 4 / 4 / 2011 CE with 3 branches including Islamic institute complex which was to be administered by Dr.Sheikh HussamEddeen Farfour.

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