The Institute Departments

The Institute Departments:

  1. A preparatory stage / post elementary stage Departments

  2. Undergraduate Studies Department.

  3. Postgraduate Studies Department.

1. The preparatory stage department (post elementary):

This is a six-year stage.

The Educational and science coursebooks assigned for this stage are:
The fundamental books of Shari’ah and general knowledge. They cover Qur’anic sciences, studies and interpretations. Hadith, Prophet’s biography, Jurisprudence, Arabic Literature, Grammar and other branches of knowledge. A special care is given to the research methodology. Students have to submit assignments regarding one of the above-mentioned subjects. The assignments are revised and evaluated by professors. In addition to that, students are taught mathematics, foreign languages, geography and physics.

Focus on:
The institute focuses on:

  • Building up a Muslim’s personality based on Islam as a true faith, a way of life, thought and behaviour.

  • Paying a particular attention on spiritual and moral upbringing, in addition to the issue of knowledge, as an integral part of the personality of Da’iyyah

  • Combining originality and modernity in educational methods.

  • Students total number & nationality:
    Total number of the preparatory stage (males and females ) was 1300 in 2000-2006 A.D.
    Students’ nationalities number is 50. They come from various parts of the world.
    The number of the Institute graduates - from the beginning up till now - are thousands. They occupy high positions in their countries. Some of them are Imams of mosques; others are scholars and university professors.

    To enroll/join al-Fatih institute Preparatory Stage The following must be observed:


    1. He must be a Muslim who observes the regulations and teachings of Islam in words and deeds.

    2. Age: He must not be less than 14 years old (for Arab and non Arab students).

    3. Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians- in addition to terms of age 13- must submit "an elementary/primary certificate" as well.

    4. Candidates will take several Shari’ah and lingual tests. Later on they are interviewed. Then either admitted or refused.

    5. After a three month period, a student-who has already been kept under observation to see his conduct and ethics, is either officially admitted or rejected.

    6. A Candidate fills in a form in which he undertakes upon himself not to practice any political activities.


    1. She must be a Muslim who observes the regulations and teachings of Islam.

    2. Syrians must not be less than 13 years old. She must forward "an elementary/primary certificate".

    3. She takes several written tests in Shari’ah subjects and Arabic Language.

    4. After a three month period, a female candidate, who has already been kept under observation to see her conduct and ethics is either officially admitted or rejected.

    5. Non-Syrian families have to associate their daughters in residence.

    2. Undergraduate Studies Department.:M&F
    Studies in this department are equal to university studies. They are university studies in standard and syllabus. Therefore to be admitted in the specialization section, a candidate must forward "a secondary/high school certificate (Baccaluriatte) recognized by the ministry of education in Syria Such as Shari’ah secondary schools which are supervised by the Ministry of waqf . General secondary certificate (scientific or literary)... or any other Syrian authentic certificate.

    Study duration lasts four years, the same as al-Azhar University (this will be referred to in these papers later).

    A student takes a three year- study in Fatih Institute in Damascus. The fourth year will be conducted in al-Azhar University, the same branch and the same specialization. This is arranged smoothly and directly with al-Azhar University and that is in accordance with the mutual educational agreement signed by the two parties in 1993-1994 A.D. Thus the first and second term exams of the fourth year are taken in al-Azhar University.

    In accordance with the agreement signed in (1994-1995) Graduates attain an authentic official international university Degree signed by the head of al-Azhar University.

    Starting from the beginning of 2005-2006 A.D., the fourth year study in Fatih Institute has become a reality. Nowadays graduates attain their university Degrees in Damascus and signed by the Syrian Minister of High Studies.

    The previously mentioned agreement with Al-Azhar (1994 A.D. /1414 H). Entitled AL-Fatih Institute to open the following sections:

    The Islamic Shari’ah

    1994/1995 M&F

    Arabic Language

    1994/1995 M&F

    Usul al-Deen

    1994/1995 M

    Shari’ah and Law

    2000/2001 M

    History and Culture

    2002/2003 M

    Journalism and Information

    2003/2004 M

    Islamic and Arabic Studies

    2003/2004 M

    Variant Readings of the Our’an

    2004/2005 M

    The admittance terms applied in the various branches of undergraduate department:

    1. Graduates of Shari’ah institutes and those of secondary schools (literary & scientific) have to submit "a secondary/high school certificates".

    2. Candidates will have a personal interview.

    3. Application for joining these studies must be applied within this period (form the first of September to the fifteenth of the same month).

    4. He/She must fill in an information application (C.V.) and forward it by hand to the Institute Directory.

    To teach Arabic language for non-Arab native speakers, a branch for males and females was opened in 2002/2003. Arabic Language courses are taught in modern methods and special course books authorized for Fatih Islamic institute.

    Undergraduate Studies Department for university graduates M&F

    Study duration is two years.
    it is almost the same as al-Azhar University with minor modification to cope with the social and structural differences of modern age.

    Admittance Terms:

    1. A university degree with "Good" grade. Marks not less than 65%.

    2. A written test: It is a test of both knowledge and intellect.

    3. A personal interview.

    4. Filling in an information form which is to be submitted to the registration directory.

    5. Attending lectures and forwarding research papers.

    Various Remarks

    • Upon passing the two year study, a student is to be given his transcript.

    • Files of students will be delivered to al-Azhar University so that they are enrolled in equivalent colleges of their specializations.

    • Registration of research proposals for MA Degree are fulfilled in al-Azhar University upon the recommendation of the Academic board of the Institute.

    • Upon approval, al-Azhar assembly will appoint two researchers to supervise their M.A Degree researches. The first supervisor is from Fatih Institute. The second is from al-Azhar University.


    Modules of Undergraduate Studies Department.

    The module Opening date :

    • Hadith 1999-2000

    • Arabic: Grammar( Syntax) 1990-2000

    • "Usul ad-Deen": 1999-2000

    • Comparative jurisprudence 2000-2001

    • Literature and Criticism 2002-2003

    • Religion and Philosophy 2002-2003

    • Al Da’wah in foreign languages:

  • Da’wah in English language started 2000-2001 .

  • Da’wah in Spanish language started 2001-2002.

  • Da’wah in French language started 2002-2003

  • The undergraduate and postgraduate studies departments in Fatih Islamic Institute for the academic year 2005/2006 in conjunction with al-Azhar University runs as follows:

    The undergraduate Studies Department: [First stage of university studies (license) males and females includes the following faculties]:

    1. Faculty of Sharia'a and Law: of the following specializations:
      a. Islamic Sharia'a.
      b. Sharia'a & Law.
    2. Faculty of Usul Al Dean (Fundamentals of Islam) & Philosophy: of the following specialisations:
      a. The sciences of Hadith.
      b. Quran Interpretation and Sciences.
      c. Islamic Faith & Philosophy.
      d. Quran Variant Readings.
    3. Faculty of Islamic & Arabic Studies:
      Which affiliates the Centre of Studies and Research.
    4. Faculty of Arabic Language : of the following specialisations
      a. Arabic Language.
      b. History and Civilization.
      c. Journalism and Media Studies.... more

    The above faculty affiliates the Centre of Arabic for Foreign Learners.

    N.B.: In accordance with the mutual educational and scientific agreements with al-Azhar University, each branch in AL-Fatih Islamic Institute is equal to its peer in al-Azhar University. This is complied with syllabus, course books and plans of studies. Some minor modifications are made to cope with the cultural and educational state of our country.

    The Postgraduate Studies Department consists of a two year preparatory stage for MA degree. As for the MA research proposal, It is mentioned earlier that students have to apply for it at al-Azhar University. However he will be under a mutual auspice (from AL-Fatih and al-Azhar professors)

    As for a doctorate degree, students have to register their theses at al-Azhar University. They will be also under an auspice from both Fatih and al-Azhar Universities.
    Here are the faculties of this department:

    1. Faculty of Sharia'a and Law: of the following specializations:

      A. Islamic Sharia'a: of the following specializations:



      Usul Al Fiqh (Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence)

      2 years

      Comparative Jurisprudence

      2 years

      Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance

      2 years

      Islamic Juridical Studies

      2 years

      Islamic Personal-related Jurisprudence

      2 years

      B. Islamic Sharia'a & Law: Offers the same specialisations of Sharia'a Faculty as well as sub majors in public and personal laws.

      Faculty of Usul Al Dean (Fundamentals of Islam) & Philosophy: of the following specialisations:



      The sciences of Hadith

      2 years

      Quran Interpretation and Sciences

      2 years

      Islamic Faith & Philosophy

      2 years

      Quran Variant Readings

      2 years


      3. Faculty of Islamic & Arabic Studies: of the following specializations:
    2. Islamic Sharia'a : The same above specializations of the Shria'a Faculty
    3. Usul Al Dean (Fundamentals of Islam) & Philosophy: The same above specializations of the Usul Al Dean Faculty
    4. Arabic Language: The same above specializations of the Arabic Language Faculty
    5. 4. Faculty of Arabic Language: of the following specializations:



      Morphology and Syntax

      2 years

      Literature and Criticism

      2 years

      Editing the Book legacy in collaboration
      with the Institute of Arabic manuscripts

      2 years


      5. Faculty of Islamic Studies in International Languages: of the following majors:



      English Language

      2 years, 6 levels

      Spanish Language

      3 years, 9 levels

      French Language

      3 years, 9 levels

    The above faculty affiliates the Foreign Languages teaching Centre.

    N.B.: Preparations are being made to set up studies in German, Japanese, Russian and Chinese languages.

    Number of current students:

    The undergraduate Department: Male(2005) approximately 2400. Females 1600.

    - The Postgraduate Department in various branches:
    - Males (2005) 175. Females 85

    Number of Graduates:
    1 - The undergraduate Department: Male and female graduates are 2000.
    2- The Postgraduate Department : Males and females are about 220

    It is worth remarking that Male and female foreign students who come from 75 countries number 900 students.

    N.B: Syrian students are excluded.

    Finally, the academic and administrative staff is a choice of renowned intellectuals, scholars and professors who have long academic experience. In addition to a number of assistant professors, lecturers, and teachers who graduated from various national and international universities.